About Yatri

Yatri was founded in 2017 to prove world-class electric vehicles can be designed, engineered and manufactured from the ground up in Nepal - that switching to electric does not have to be a compromise but better, quicker and kinder to the planet.

We exist to reinvent urban mobility.

Yatri’s vision to reinvent urban mobility landscape means creating an entire sustainable ecosystem of products and services. Besides electric vehicles, Yatri manufactures charging wall modules, fast chargers and seamless service architecture to tie everything together into Yatri Hub. Besides the flagship Project Zero, Yatri will expand its product line to a rapidly scalable vehicles from summer 2021 into other exciting market segments. These products will help save over NPR 200,000 over five year period on fuel costs alone and zero maintenance adds to that further. Ultimately, the final piece in the reinvention is the public transportation segment where Yatri will bring the product and service game to a different league.

Summer 2021 and beyond will see rapidly growing strong network of Yatri Fast Chargers across the nation while advent of affordable and exciting products available to more and more people; and emerging mega hydropower projects means an ecosystem that is sustainable and nation changing. A milestone and future we look forward to at Yatri.

10 years Roadmap

Yatri’s focus from day one has been to develop systems and technologies in-house from the ground up. This approach gives the team the freedom to take on broad mobility challenges that will bring real impact.

We envision that in the coming decade we will produce the most affordable two wheeler accessible to more and more people. However, in the phase 2, we will shift our focus to the root of the urban mobility problem. We believe public transportation should be a matter of civic pride for the inhabitants of the city, and to some extent, public transportation is a reflection of the city and its inhabitants. Our goal is to uplift and bring public transportation to a new level with reliability, safety and finest user experience.

We believe this will create an ecosystem of products and services that will enable seamless transition into electric mobility!

Performance Motorcycles
Yatri started its journey to prove world-class electric vehicles can be designed from the ground up in Nepal. Performance focused Project Zero was the first iteration and a proof-of-concept was unveiled in 2019 showcasing Yatri’s in-house development and cutting-edge research into battery systems and vehicle software. In 2021, Nepal saw it’s first all-electric dual sport motorcycle in the form of Project One promising the thrill of an off-roader and convenience of an urban commuter that showcased market leading specs.

Automotive Testing
During the P-0 and P-1 program, Yatri was not only focused in developing these platforms but was building a team that can also deliver the necessary support elements in building a commercial product. Yatri’s state-of-the-art in-house automotive test facilities include Fatigue Test Rig, Assembly Bump-Roller Test Rig, Battery Shock Test Rig, Vibration Test Rig and Thermal Test Rig. Through these facilities, we incorporate International Manufacturer’s Standards into our product requirements, conduct FEA tests during digital prototyping and verify the FEA results on the physical prototype on these test cells. This approach allows us to cut the development time with fewer iterations and helps make an accurate correlation between the CAD and physical products. This ultimately means we are creating a safe product that confirms to the highest safety requirements stipulated by international directives.

Strong Charging Network
The necessary support element also means the charging stations. Yatri has been working in developing a rapidly scalable charging infrastructure for the P-1 platform. This smart rapid charger is another product that is borne from Yatri’s drive for excellence. It provides a seamless user experience making the charging effortless. When you plug your P-1, the charger automatically authenticates the user, and starts charging the bike. At the end of the session, it calculates the cost and automatically deducts the cost from your Yatri Account with you having to do nothing. The goal is to install these smart rapid chargers across the nation from East to West including all the important highway network and cities by 2022.

Experience Center
Yatri wants to disrupt not only the automotive industry in Nepal but also the retail industry and how brands and dealerships communicates with its users and potential customers. Our Experience Center will be the single point for everything Yatri. You get to experience the brand up close from the development aspects of the vehicle to experiencing the actual products itself. We want to create this space not as a place of commerce but as an inclusive space for our community members, supporters to come together and hang out.

Yatri HQ
Yatri is building Nepal’s first state-of-the-art Automotive Research and Development Center, the HQ. It will house not only the New Product Development (NPD) lab, test facilities and machine shop, but also the manufacturing facility under one roof. This allows the development engineers to communicate constantly with the production crew to not only keep improving the design for manufacturability but cuts time-to-market immensely. Besides the HQ, the place will also house our core resident engineers inside our campus. This beautiful and inspiring place will be in operation from the end of 2021.

Yatri City Commuters
Building on the foundation of P-0 and P-1, first truly people’s platform, an EV for everyone will be developed by Yatri by 2023. This will be Nepal’s first smart electric scooter and later, street motorcycles and will mark the inception of the most affordable electric two wheelers yet. Yatri’s vision from the first day has been to reinvent urban mobility, and this will symbolize an important step in bringing a large impact in the urban mobility landscape.

Global Homologation
With a rapidly scalable and affordable urban commuters, Yatri will begin the global homologation of its vehicles to take Nepal to the world.

Four Wheel R&D
Yatri will rapidly develop a team to begin the development of a modular four-wheel platform. Years of in-house battery systems, vehicle software and product design experience will help the team to efficiently roll out a MVP which then will be later developed into multiple platforms.

eVans & eBus
End of the decade will mark the launch of Yatri eVan & eBus. The final step of our goal is to solve the root problem of modern urban mobility. An exceptional public transportation system, economical last mile delivery and clean individual mode of transport will form a sustainable eco-system that is seamless and uncompromising!

Project Zero is the first iteration of our vision to reinvent urban mobility. Launched in 2019, the ‘proof-of-concept’ showed the intention and direction of the company with its cutting-edge powertrain design, class-leading vehicle software and in-house development prowess. Market leading 230 km range, over-the-air software updates that keep refreshing the motorcycle over time, and performance-oriented specifications has truly defined Yatri motorcycles and helps raise the overall bar for the whole industry.

Project One is our first take on the commercial platform by bringing all the knowledge and experience from P-0 and pushing ourselves to bring a relatively affordable electric motorcycle while still having compelling specs. While it is still far from a true mass-market platform, it forms a solid foundation for the team to build on and create a game changer, P-2.

Yatri will continue to push and introduce more affordable and accessible products to more and more people which will not limit in two-wheelers but modular four-wheel platforms that can be scaled to eVAN and eBUS to fleet operators and more exciting neighourhood electric vehicles (NEV) for a private ownership expereince.

We are only getting started in this exciting and progressive journey into the future, one where we stop relying on fossil fuels and one where we breathe clean air.

Charging network

Freedom to travel

A lot about owning a motorcycle has to do with the freedom to travel great distances at speed. Project Zero offers you just that with its powerful motor and capacious battery.

From fall 2021, Yatri's focus will be to establish a strong network of charging infrastructure across the nation making that freedom even more accessible and real.

This network will constitute of Yatri’s DC Rapid Chargers and AC ports across the country and throughout important highways and road networks. We believe infrastructure development should go hand-in-hand and Yatri’s Fast Charging Team will deliver on that!